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Online advertising has grown exponentially in the past 5 years as many companies move further away from traditional media and go online. Business owners now have more control than ever with technology that can help them run their business effectively, but there is a downside - complexity. Learning some systems (keywords, algorithms, bid types, etc.) can often lead business owners down a rabbit hole of advertising debt if they're not careful! Luckily 4748ads makes this process simple with easy-to-use tools that enables anyone to advertise or monetize their website.

The Process

Our advertising process is simple and designed to be user friendly. No new technology to learn or complicated tutorials, just follow these easy steps:

1. Create Ads

Create your campaigns and ads in a simple form. You can create as many campaigns and ads as you choose.

2. Choose Section(s)

Next, choose from our Section Directory to find the perfect website and location for your ad and press publish.

3. Track Results

Track your campaign performance in real time - pause, restart or make new campaigns whever you're ready.


Avg. Comb. Retention Hours


Countries Reached


No. of Members


Industries Reached


Our publishing network ranges from a variety business sectors and more are being added soon. Check back often to see which new publishers have joined. These industries include:


Auto Industry

From auto leasing, buying, auto parts, rentals, trucks, jet and all modes of transpotation.


Legal Industry

Law Firms, Legal Aid, Business Forms, Registering A Business, Law Suits, Contracts and More.

Social Platforms


Stand Up Comedy, Concerts, Tickts, Events, Televison/Reality Shows and Films.

Dating / Networking

Social Media

Social Networking, Dating, Singles, Meetups, Marketing, Affiliate Programs

Pay-Per-Call/Text & Business


Consulting, Couseling, Advice Line, Psychic Readings, Life Coaching, Work From Home, Remote Work.

Software and Social Networks

Sports and More...

Sports, Point of Sale Services, Popups, Game Shows, Video Games, Gamers, Gaming and Sporting Events.

Small Ads
Big Results.

Our System Supports 12 Different Ad Sizes:
360 X 90
360 X 45
320 X 40
300 X 150
300 X 100
300 X 90
250 X 250
250 X 83
250 X 70
234 X 32
Text Ads
HTML5 Banners

F. A. Q.

Question: How much does it cost to run ads?
Answer: Your account requires you to only have $5 to begin running ads. The sytem only charges you for clicks not impressions (which means free visiblity).

Question: How long does it take for my ads to go live?
Answer: Approximately 1 Hour after your ad is published it will be live and ready to receive traffic. This wait time is for quality assurence. You will be notfified when your ads is live. Note: Republished ads have no wait time.

Question: Do I need to use Keywords for my as? If so, how many can I use?
Answer: No, you do not need to use keywords. With 4748Ads there are no need for keywords becuase you will know exactly where your ad will be placed and kind of content each platform has. This makes your job easy as an advertiser because you place your ad where YOU want it, instead of spending tons of money trying to figure out the right keywords that convert.

Question: Can I use Google Adsense ads to run ads on 4748Ads?
Answer: No, you can only run ads for content that you own or affiliate programs where applicable. Also, if you are a webmaster you can add your website to our directory of businesses and join our network of growing publishers.

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